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23 Nov 2017

PhD Defence Dao Thi Ha Thanh

Epidemiology of Opisthorchis spp. in Central Vietnam

Ghent University, Merelbeke

24 Nov 2017

PhD defence Marvelous Sungirai

Ixodid ticks parasitising cattle in Zimbabwe: Ecology and management

Ghent University, Gent

26 Nov 2017

Parasietensurvival tijdens Dag van de Wetenschap

Instituut voor Tropische Geneeskunde, Antwerpen
Fifteen year old mother with newborn in Bangladesh.

17 Nov 2017

PhD defence A.S.M. Shahabuddin

Exploring Maternal Health Care-seeking Behavior of Married Adolescent Girls in Bangladesh and Nepal

VU University Amsterdam, Amsterdam

17 Nov 2017-25 Feb 2018

Ecce Homo. Zie de mens

'Ecce Homo. Zie de mens' is a grand exhibition showcasing the works of 63 Belgian artists in 9 different places, among them the ITM garden.

Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerpen

08 Nov 2017

Reproductive health supplies: a question of availability, quality and affordability

Seminar on access to quality medicines and supplies for sexual reproductive health and rights

Belgian Development Cooperation (DGD), Belgian FPS Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade & Development Cooperation, Brussels
3D illustration of bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis

23 Oct 2017

PhD defence Nana Akua Boatema Ofori-Anyinam

Towards improved understanding of M. tuberculosis complex strain differences in The Gambia.

Promotiezaal Grauwzusters, University of Antwerp, Antwerpen

16-20 Oct 2017

10th European Congress of Tropical Medicine and International Health (ECTMIH 2017)

Flanders Meeting and Convention Center, Antwerp